Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Several of you have seen the awesome pics of the cupcakes my co-worker MikeK. baked. He did an awesome job and they were delicious! I have posted the pictures I took during a work event as well as the recipe. Happy baking!!


Large star tip and pastry bag

Cookie Monster head = Cupcakes

Cookie Monster fur = Blue frosting
, food coloring, or icing color (dyed coconut can be used as an alternative)

Eyes = Brown M&M's &
white mints or marshmallows/white chocolate melts (use the flat side)

Chocolate chip cookies such as Chips Ahoy or homemade cookies cut in half

Ø Bake the cupcakes J They must be thoroughly cooled down prior to decorating

Ø Once cool, cut a slit in the lower 1/3 of the cupcake

Ø Insert cookie and start icing with a large star tip.

Ø Attach the brown M&M (pupils) to the white disks by either "gluing" together with a dab of frosting

Ø Stick the eyes down onto the cupcake.

Finished product was baked by my co-worker MikeK.

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