Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time to break the cycle ...

My 17yr old daughter just recently had a bad day that was emotionally charged.  Her exact words were that she didn't feel motivated to get up much less work out.

Rewind 35 years having the stress of a 10yr old and dealing with Brady Bunch issues of growing up with 4 older sisters and 2 younger brothers.  My grandmother would bake something to cheer me up or even better, she would make 'Avena'.  Avena is the spanish word for oatmeal doesn't sound too bad but she would make it in a way that is possibly the must unhealthy way to eat it.  She would cook oatmeal with whole milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and tons of sugar.  It would end up being more like atole, similar to a porridge or gruel and 100% comfort food.

Comfort was always a hug, kiss, followed up by a great meal or at the very least a treat.  The cycle was started again when my son was young and I was a single parent.  I would come home from a long day at work spent away from him and I would not come home without a treat.  I would bring him a candy bar or doughnut from the El Station on my way home.  It was my way of making up not being with him.

On Tuesday we made progress to - Break the cycle!  I told my daughter these stressed times are the best times to go workout.  She needed to sweat the frustration out.  We ended up having an awesome Zumba workout and burned approximately 600 calories.

We have to take one day at a time, baby steps! My daughter's spirits lifted and she she took a picture of us after our class.

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